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On the path to success, the modern enterprise must not only learn how to react to a curve in the road – they must anticipate it. At Bizmosis, keeping businesses of all sizes ahead of the competition and making them a technology leader in their industry is our bread and butter.

By partnering with our expert team of mobile app developers, your organization can be fully equipped with a powerful engine to hurtle ahead into the future. We won’t just help you catch up to mobile technology – we’ll accelerate your business above and beyond the competition.

This is what we do

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    Results Don't Lie

    The world moves fast. And mobile technology accelerates the pace more each day. Keeping up with your potential customers can be a challenge. You need the right vehicle, turbo-charged by a powerful engine that can hurtle ahead of the pack and beyond any capacity previously held by your organization.

    Bizmosis is fueled by some of the most innovate and impressive mobile platforms in any industry, utilizing tools and resources to provide a unique differentiator for our customer base that can be leveraged across multiple devices.  Expertise in technologies like Appcelerator and Sencha Touch allow developers to target a wide array of devices from a single codebase.

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    Make it Go Viral

    Facebook. Twitter. Pintrest. LinkedIn. Instagram. Vine. Reddit. It’s how the world communicates today, and new, relevant social media avenues are added to the mix with regularity. Businesses and customers interface via these channels, making social media an essential piece to any organization’s marketing efforts. But it must go beyond just tweeting something out or getting “Likes” from corporate social media accounts to truly be effective.
    Bizmosis helps clients leverage these outlets with compelling and creative solutions to transform the relationships they have with customers and entice future prospects. Integrated with your mobile applications through engaging and easy-to-use interfaces, Bizmosis social media campaigns put your presence literally at the fingertips of your target markets in the most accessible ways, building your brand, awareness, customer interaction and, ultimately, profits.
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  • cloud computing

    cloud computing

    Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing is a buzz word that gets thrown around a lot these days. Its meaning goes well beyond the storage of files and accessibility. And its potential for your business is unlimited.
    Supporting the complexities of today’s mobile, social media, and Internet applications requires robust infrastructures, and Bizmosis provides solutions that are available 24 / 7 / 365.
    While this might sound expensive, our partnership with Microsoft makes it possible to build affordable hosted solutions, creating budget-saving Cloud-based opportunities for you. By using our MS Windows Azure Cloud Environment, you get the power and infrastructure from the most sophisticated and powerful data centers in the world. Each solution is built natively for the platform, not just hosted as virtual servers, creating phenomenal cost savings and capabilities.
    It sounds good, right? So what specifically does our cloud computing service offer you?

    • Scalability – The status quo is not your goal, so you must plan for an exponential growth of users. Your ceiling is limitless with our Cloud
    • Redundancy – Failure is not an option with your hardware, network and software environments. We’re always there for your availability to customers
    • Security – Ensuring information is protected and backed up is critical. Our Cloud keeps your data under lock and key


    Repeatable Results

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Experts in World Class Mobile App Platforms


Our certified Xamarin cross-platform developers leverage decades of experience working with enterprise technology solutions to build high quality mobile applications for Apple iPhone, Android, iOS and other mobile platforms and devices.


Our knowledgeable Cordova consultants create powerful and polished mobile applications in a fraction of the time (and price) compared to other mobile development companies by using the cross-platform capabilities of Apache Cordova.


We specialize in leveraging robust and responsive JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS cross-platform development tools like Sencha Touch to accomplish simple yet innovative mobile app solutions that arm your business for battle in the mobile world.


By leveraging Appcelerator, an open mobile development environment for creating cross-platform native apps, we provide customers with rich and scalable native iOS, Android, hybrid and mobile web apps faster and less expensive than ever before.

Client Highlight

“Bizmosis has been a great partner for us at ING. In helping us to develop a unique, viral ePostcard Facebook application for our sponsorship of the ING New York City Marathon, we were able to generate a successful return on our investment many times over because of their great work. Their expertise, creativity and project management are second to none; they’ll be the first ones we call when we develop our next application.” J.W. Cannon | Director of Sponsorships | ING U.S. Financial Services

Our Method


As smartphones, operating systems and mobile devices continue to evolve, it is essential that your business partners with a mobile consulting company with the right skillset and tools to lead you into a new frontier. At Bizmosis, our projects are led by highly experienced, knowledgeable mobile app developers who have spent countless hours developing some of the most innovative and creative technologies, processes, and applications on the market.


Designing a custom world-class mobile technology solution that provides the best possible platform for addressing the unique challenges your business faces requires deep knowledge, discipline and a creative discovery process. Our technical experience and imaginative design process work hand-in-hand to deliver a comprehensive mobile application development experience that anticipates all complexities and challenges.


Behind every great idea, there’s a go-getter who can turn that vision into reality. The Bizmosis development team quickly moves from the Envisioning Phase into the Execution Phase, which consists of strategizing a comprehensive project plan, building mobile apps in a fraction of the time as other organizations, and testing your mobile solutions before launching to ensure all issues are resolved and your users will be hooked.


Learn how our Atlanta mobile software development, social media applications and cloud computing services can propel your organization to new heights!

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